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Our Story

When our founder purchased his first electric vehicle, the dealer was pretty good, but not perfect. They upsold him on a Level 2 charger he didn’t need because his car came with an L2 charger. They recommended an electrician who came over and upsold him on a larger circuit than his charger or car could handle. Both of these situations left him with a bad taste in his mouth about EV chargers and their installation. When he purchased his second EV, he knew what he needed from the electrician and ordered exactly what was required. However, that car only came with a Level 1 charger, which would have taken days to charge the car. He had to quickly source and install a third-party EV charger. That was a lucky day because he found great chargers, several of which we sell on our website today.

It was clear that dealers, in the early days of EVs, simply did not know what they were doing and what their customers needed. Now, as EVs become more common place and lower priced, the sticker shock of a charger and installation may be too much for EV buyers to withstand. That is why we founded getyourcharger.com. We will work with you to make sure you get the right charger and the right installation for your home or office. Then, we will work with your dealer to include those costs on your lease or in your financing so you can enjoy your new EV without the worry of a large unexpected charge on delivery day.

Why Us?

GetYourCharger.com is your one-stop shop for high quality chargers and accessories. We only have licensed and certified installers.





Our EV chargers are compatible with all types of vehicles